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Which Kindle should I buy in 2021

Which Kindle should i buy in 2021

If you are a book lover and want to buy a Kindle in this 2021 year then you can get confused easily. There are some options available in the market to choose from, like Amazon kindle, paperwhite vs Oasis. The prices of its every product are also high, so you have to be aware of which product you should buy for yourself. Each product of the kindle is designed for different types of users. The basic Kindle is best for the book lovers and the paperwhite kindle is best for the peoples who love to swim. Kindle oasis is so lightweight to use and it can be best for children and females.

Which amazon reader should you buy 2021?

Either you want a waterproof Kindle or you want a lightweight one, the first thing we all do is price comparison. Price is the first factor that can change anyone’s mind easily and quickly.

Amazon KindleAmazon Kindle PaperwhiteAmazon Kindle Oasis
6-inch Screen6-inch Screen7-inch Screen
Pearl e-paperE InkCarta E Ink
4GB Storage4GB Storage8GB Storage
4 week+ Battery Life6 week+ Battery Life6 week+ Battery Life
161g Weight209g Weight188g Weight

Above here you can all specifications of Amazon kindle products. Now you can choose any of them according to your needs and budget.

Which Amazon Kindle Cost Cheaper

Amazon Kindle can be your best option if you have a limited budget for your kindle product. But don’t lose hope if you want another costly Kindle for yourself. By using the Kindle Promo code and coupons you can get some additional discount on your purchasing. It can easily give you up to 30% off on any product of Kindle. This can be so beneficial for you and your pockets.

To get know about latest edition of Amazon Kindle in 2022 then, you should to check out how many Kindle paperwhite generation in 2022.